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The Relentless Pursuit of Stopping the Rise of Vapor



Just as expected, as many said it was coming soon, the U.S. Federal Government turned-the-tables and flipped-the-script on society, suddenly people were forcing opposite claims into the newsrooms on television or chat rooms online of the general public in America.

To make things worse, much of the information being shared to the general public was being communicated by people with prominent positions has been completely irresponsible and only reveals the systemic deceit lingering throughout the political landscape.

Relentless Misinformation

Vaping was our savior in the U.S., but then came the buzzkillers – groups like the Campaign for Tobacco FREE Kids and Tobacco 21, who were (and still are) implying some of the most overly-elaborate affirmations about these harm reduction tools known as vaping devices which they refer to as a sneaky scheme by Big Tobacco. Nothing even close to the facts.

A Well-Respected Credible Supporter of Vapor

The Vape community has been lucky to have several credible supporters. Dr. Michael Siegel, has been a strong and logical voice from academia. Experienced and highly intelligent, this Academic from Boston University has been one of the prominent, outspoken individuals using rational analysis to defend the vaping lifestyle by confronting these preposterous claims made by the anti-vaping affiliates groups who demonize the harm reducing vaping movement.

Broken Record of Truth: “Vapor Products aren’t Tobacco”

These products in fact have nothing to do with this anti-vape establishment platform. Vapor products are not tobacco. Sure, the FDA may recognize and officially label all vapor products as Tobacco, including coils, atomizers, mods, lithium-ion batteries, etc. Therefore, from this clouded judgment and poor understanding of reality. One might assume from categorizing all these items as tobacco products that perhaps those who officially decided to make such an outrageous declaration just may have let their imaginations run a bit too far on the wild side or more accurately, the wrong side.

Consider What is Real & What is False

Regardless, there may very well be some vapers who do in fact feel that vapor products are tobacco given the fact that nicotine is derived from tobacco. Then again you must also consider how nicotine can also be derived from synthetics through a laboratory or from potatoes, cauliflower, tomatoes or eggplants where it is proven to be naturally occurring. These are all facts that most advocates are well-aware of.

We all know this to be true, but those fanatical anti-vapor, anti-freedom, ultimately anti-American groups somehow influenced the USFDA to essentially categorize vape devices as tobacco, granting them the authority to regulate with severe overreach. This was accomplished following the ruling in the Tobacco Control Act.

Vape products do not deserve to be considered as “dangerous” -To be categorized as a product declared far-too-risky for public consumption, and now far-too-risky for public exposure to the vapor that is most likely to be safer than the air we breathe. Vapor products do not deserve to be continually referred to as unregulated wild cards that we don’t know enough information about. These are simply just talking points made for communication purposes via the Talking Heads of the Democratic Party – the partners and spokespersons for the anti-tobacco lobby.

Modern American Society Feels Uneasy

Not to mention, it says a lot about modern American society when we begin referring to consumer products as being associated with things that they are not. This is perhaps the scariest part – labeling products of harm reduction as items causing more harm production – thus changing the very texture of reality. If we continue down such a path, pretty soon our dictionaries will be entirely biased and inaccurate. Before we know it, we might wake up one day and come to find that the word “Yes” now means “No” and vice versa.

This is, of course, an outlandish exaggeration, but at this point, nothing would surprise me. After all, this entire war on vapor has reached global heights and all the misinformation used by governments who rely on tobacco tax revenues have been claiming some very outlandishly exaggerated claims. So, either fight back against such blatant lies and deceit or sit back and watch just how “unentertaining” and pathetic this situation may truly get.

Reasons & Purpose for Advocating




Written By Tony Ottomanelli II

Controversial Question

Here is a controversial question to begin with: Is nicotine still necessary to include in eliquids? I’m honestly asking the community of vapers who have taken the time to read this article as well as the time it takes to think this question through.

All in all, I’d say yes, nicotine is crucial for the harm reduction of smoking. However, with the introduction of botanical substances with nicotine-like effects, like Alterna – I start to think that perhaps including nicotine is not necessary. After all, Alterna will not be regulated under the FDA regulations due to it’s non-nicotine properties.

Therefore, I don’t know what to think now. When they send me a bottle to sample, I’ll inform those who may be interested in my overall thoughts and also include more detail about this product in a separate article.

Define Your Own Efforts

As an advocate for vapor-based products designed specifically as smoking alternatives that have paved the way to usher in tobacco harm reduction as an intelligent decision, do you feel the advocacy community has become divided? More united? Or, have has advocacy been spread out into many different sub categories?

This is a touchy subject for some vape advocates, business owners and the average vaper as well as the most advanced hobbyists and it is certainly understandable – but, it must be addressed: Why do you advocate for vaping? If you had to summarize your advocacy efforts, what would they be?

The Efforts of the Many Advocates

Overall, there are so many advocates for Vaping that perhaps there has been an oversaturated advocacy sector established without all advocates even being aware of it – I’m sure many have become well aware, but I’m almost certain some have not noticed.

There are so many advocates who are associated with a vape-related business whether they work for or own a vape-related business, there is such a large portion of the advocacy community who identify as such. Then again, there are some in the industry who do not advocate, which I’m not so sure I even understand the reasons for that.

Not to mention, there are also a number of consultants who have been forced into this industrial conundrum or who have forced their way in – who are all strong proponents of the vape industry, but all of these organizations have established proven strategies and preferable agendas which may slightly differ from one another.

They may all very well be advocating in the name of vaping, yet perhaps not all individual regular vape advocates are entirely aware of this massively conflicting situation. The situation is that there are a number of reasons as to why so many are looking to help the vaping cause, but what are those reasons exactly?

Denial of the Obvious

It was my personal assumption that most who identify as advocates for vaping, advocate for either harm reduction, regulations and/or business reasons. Time and time again, we’ll see so many avid vapers who are advocating for repealing the regulations, while there are also others who do it in support of small business, or many advocates will express the importance of tobacco harm reduction – in hindsight, my personal assumptions as that most advocate for all those reasons. Yet there may also be reasons for advocating that you never truly considered.

All in all, it’s easy to believe that we know everything when it comes to advocacy, yet we do not. Some may be thinking “speak for yourself” but it’s entirely impossible to know absolutely everything about anything. Even the most highly regarded expert could never be “all-knowing.”


Either way, I didn’t realize this as much until I was caught off guard during a debate via social media. Perhaps I was overlooking a vital exception and possible resolution for avoiding the FDA regulations. The vast scope of why each proponent of the lifestyle might be advocating for vaping with entirely different reasons than myself. I was under the naive assumption that advocates were all one massive front, yet in the back of my mind, I knew this was not the case.

When another advocate told me I was supporting nicotine usage by supporting current vape shops, I almost felt my head about to explode. As my mind was overloaded with questions and confusion. How is that a bad thing? Small businesses are essential to our way of life.

Not to mention, my confusion was so intensely heightened because I thought the whole point of this lifestyle was to allow others a chance to quit smoking, hence harm reduction – and having nicotine included in the liquids is most likely instrumental to the overall process of quitting smoking. Yes? No? Maybe so?

Regardless, it was at that time I realized just how much our Advocating efforts may be undefined And so perhaps vape advocacy is slightly undefinable – unless we are using a one page, sectioned outline for a platform of producing a descriptive and multi-faceted definition.

Advocacy Status

There are also a number of different Advocate types based on one’s personal reasons for deciding to advocate for vaping. So, to return to my initial question, what are you advocating for? Tobacco harm reduction? Nicotine? Small businesses? Deregulation? Eliquid alternatives? All of the above? None of the above? Or, perhaps you may be one of the infiltrators – those who have no interest in this vapor phenomenon, yet sought out on a path to infiltrate the ranks of advocacy in hopes of financial gain since you had determined that “vape advocacy was widely-respected trend in the market? Who knows? At this juncture, many more questions than actual answers remain and it will be difficult to make this fact change.

Feel free to leave a comment. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

“Top 10 ways to Know if You Are a Dedicated Vape Advocate”Written by Tony Ottomanelli II


Recently, from communicating via social media as well as routinely & efficiently researching the great-vape-debate, it becomes increasingly more clear that there is more than just one level of being an advocate for vapor. In a genuine attempt to liven up the dialogue included in this great debate it is necessary to branch out from solely dissecting regulations & evaluating politics even if only for a brief moment of time. So, please enjoy reading these top 10 ways to tell which type of advocate you may be. My hope is that some of you find at least a couple of these slightly amusing enough to perhaps giggle or crack a smile. Actually, vapers chuckle, we don’t giggle.

You Know you’re a Vape Advocate if…

1) The FDA’s decision making process causes you to question reality

2) You’ve seen either A Billion Lives, Beyond the Cloud or Vape Wave documentary films

3) You’ve said or written the words “Cole-Bishop” more times than the average person

4)You are far more engaged in political activity and remain informed and interested

5) You visit local shops to entice discussions on advocacy & advocating efforts

6) You’re trying to always discover new angles to save the Vaping industry & in reality all you ever hear about is new legislation being introduced by state governments.

7) You tend to inform strangers about the benefits of harm reduction, especially smokers. The result: you win some, you lose some.

8) You feel like more non-vapers amongst the general public should care & realize that they too have a stake in the attempted prohibition of the Vaping lifestyle.

9) You find the work that anti-vapor affiliates participate in tend to truly disappoint you & this causes you to question their intentions as human beings. Are they human?

10) You can tell people who and what every 3-5 letter abbreviation for the most well known “Trade &/or Advocacy” organization stands for. For example CASAA, VTA, SFATA, NBS, AVA, EVCA, AEMSA, NNA, (SEVIA-USA, R2BSF, etc.).

BONUS: You have donated money to multiple vape-related causes & you have literally been the sole influence on assisting a former smoker with the transition of switching to vapor products permanently. After all, this is what the movement is all about, right? Or, is it about something else? In short, is vape advocacy about more?

All in all, I’ve learned vape Advocacy may be about a number of things. I was under the assumption it was our duty to advocate for vaping so others will be given the opportunity to quit smoking in the future. Not to mention, I also viewed the advocacy community as a movement fighting for our right to freedom…and our right to vape. However, in my next article following this one, I will discuss how there are many different types and statuses involved with advocating for vapor.
Published by The Vaping Post http://www.vapingpost.com 

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HorizonTech Arctic V12 Tank Review – published on VapingPost.com


Many often fail to realize before the Cloud Beast was a tank offering 8 separate coil options which referred to as the Arctic V8 tank made by Horizon Tech. Just over a year later, as the Cloud Beast King came on the scene, Horizon Tech released their own upgraded V8 known as the Arctic V12.

Horizon Tech, the Originator of V8, Innovates Further

When Horizon Tech first released the Arctic V8, it was the beginning of a revelation in a new direction for the vapor industry – The beginning of a very effective vaping experience when using a sub ohm tank. HorizonTech was making a statement, which said, “the only tank which boasts cloud production and flavor similar to an RDA.”

If a consumer were looking for milky cloud production as well as tasty distinct flavor, typically an RDA was the top piece of choice and perhaps it’s still is, after all there’s nothing like dripping on a fresh build that you are somehow very proud of because you took your time and did something constructive and practiced the safety precautions necessary for being a responsible adult vape enthusiast and hobbyist.

If you know how-to build your coils for RDAs or RDTAs, then you are a hobbyist and enthusiast whether you identify as one or not. It is an impressive microcosm within the vaping lifestyle requiring the skills necessary to exert mental spend much of your intense concentration.

It was a whole new wave of Innovation when horizon tech released their Arxtic V8, shortly thereafter we saw the sequel to the Arctic V 8but also it’s competitor and they improved upon this same concept of innovative ingenuity within the industry. The cloud beast

It is definitely one of the most popular tanks around, also the choice of a vast selection of coil options could this be considered an innovative fours which allowed the consumer to experience the of an RDA but from a tank? Some say so.

perhaps we would’ve never seen the cloud beast if it weren’t for the Arctic V8 with decision of choosing coil’s that were considered Clapton hive oils snake coils tiger coils

Horizon Tech Tips

Horizon Tech provides suggestions in the manual which essentially serves as a Troubleshooting guide that is most certainly helpful. For instance, it states, “Losing flavor or clouds? Time to change the coil. Make sure the coil is compatible with your tank. Coils have no set life span. Keep the coil in its protective packaging until ready to use. Clean your tank when changing the coil to maximize flavor.

Don’t over-tighten the coil into the base. Take your time priming the coil before use to avoid a dry hit. Try different styles of coils (clapton, ceramic etc.) to customize flavor/clouds.”

Early Issues Observed & Experienced

When I used the first coil that came already screwed into the atomizer base of the tank, there were certainly some major leaking issues that became quite frustrating. Every time, I’d refill the tank, it would simply ooze out the airflow holes at the base of the tank.

However, I remembered to make sure the 510 male and female parts were not overly tightened and then primed the coil. Everything recommended was performed – this was going to be a great tank experience as the Arctic V8 was the originator of great flavor, consistently perfect cloud production, and a multi-selection of coil types like the Tiger coils, Hives, Claptons or even Snake Coils.

So, I was certainly looking forward to this experience. The first couple pulls were smooth, flavorful, thick cloud producing – but something felt weak, as if there should have been a quick draw mouth-to-lung experience. Perhaps the triple battery iJoy mod was not cutting it. Switching to my Sigelei Fuchai 213 was by far a much different experience. Most likely because of the setting option for “Preheat Power Adjustment” on the 213 mod is brilliant innovation, allowing the user to choose how quickly the Mod could power the tank and what temperature you would prefer that it reaches – I have this currently set at 100 watts in 0.10 seconds. It’s quite overzealous for such a request on my Sigelei Fuchai 213. But everyone has different preferences. Regardless, it seemed this tank might just perform differently with each mod. Thus, the experimenting began.

The experimentation only went as far as unscrewing the tank and testing it on all other high-powered mods capable of handling 0.5 ohms resistance. The result, the flavor certainly changed up Sigelei Fuchai 213 to SMOK Alien to the Vaporesso’s Tarot Nano to an Asmodus 150H. People might see this flavor alteration as a disadvantage, yet I found it to be quite enjoyable

The Arctic V12 tank by Horizon Tech is specially stylized and highly technical. Considering this, technically speaking, it is a “Sub-Ohm resistance atomizer” and only work on devices that can handle Sub-Ohm resistance of 0.5ohm or lower. Please make sure you have an understanding that requires some technical knowledge on how to use high-powered mods and lithium-ion batteries.

Do not use short or flat 510 connection on any hybrid or hybrid style device. If you are not familiar or unsure of particular products or set-ups, please do not use it. Always follow instructions and learn as much as you can about the product before using it – watch YouTube tutorials and reviews, ask friends who are also vapor product consumers and communicate the do’s & don’t’s. Keep an open mind – read more than one review, as many reviews have different interpretations. Take all the appropriate precautions before handling and make sure to vape safe and vape often.


304 Stainless Steel Construction

Pyrex Glass Reinforcement

Threaded Top fill

Large Dual Filling Slots

Triple Airslot Airflow

Airflow Control with Enlarged Base For Effective

Each Slot is 11mm by 5mm

5mm base diameter on tank

5ml Tank Capacity

6mm Delrin Wide Bore Drip Tip

Standard 510 Drip Tip Adapter

Gold plated 510 connection

Capable of handling up to 300watts

ARCTIC V12 Tank Kit Includes

Arctic V12 Sub-Ohm Tank

1 Replacement glass section

Spare Parts

2 Coils

3 Ohm V12 coil

1 Ohm V24 coil installed

Two Post RBA (depending on the kit – often sold separately)


Four Chamber Vertical Orientation – Triple Coil Configuration
3 Ohm V12 coil (Recommended 120w-180w)

1 Ohm V24 coil installed (Recommended 130w-200w Up to 300w)

Arctic V12 RBA – Two-Post, Single Terminal Design

Tremendous Quad Wicking Ports

100% Organic Cotton

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Cigarette Smoking Reduction and Electronic Vapor Alternatives Act of 2017 HR 2194 (part 2) ~ SEE PART 1 on VapingPost.com



Vapor advocates began to read the Legislation introduced to the House of Representatives by Rep. Duncan Hunter and were very pleased, but further research into the details of HR 2194 causes some concerns to arise. It was only a matter of time before we saw some type of speculations brought up by Vaping advocates. Those concerns are certainly understandable, but also could be easily corrected by Hunter to please the Vape Community.

Primary Concerns

In the initial text of this HR 2194 bill which was very recently introduced to the House just days ago. With overwhelming support coming from AEMSA along with the Electronic Vaping Coalition of America (EVCA). Regardless, it’s still essential to hear everyone’s interpretation – whether they represent an organization or just themselves as an individual.

Furthermore, Vape Advocates have voiced a number of concerns about this new “Replacement” initiative set in motion by more parties than simply Representative Duncan Hunter. It’s been a team effort indeed that has built this legislation.
After questions are asked, many advocates shared their concerns from individual conversations over the past few days. “Repeal” and “Replace” are 2 words U.S. Vapers have been hoping to hear, so this process of doubting such Legislation is not enjoyable, but asking questions is always necessary.
Why would this repeal & replace proposal be cause for concern? Let’s just say these advocates, from all walks of life, have always been thorough when analyzing the fine print and always had the industry’s best interest in mind as well.

Before speculation takes over your mindset, we must first reflect on what individual advocates have to say about what they found in their research. What is uncovered is crucial to reflect on even further, here is what one advocate, who chooses to maintain anonymity had to say about Duncan Hunter’s Legislation.

One highly-involved advocate said, “Duncan’s bill is going to ban all devices that use 18650s, ban all mech mods, impose fines and jail time for ANYONE that DIY’s juice or mods, and defines Vaping as less safe than patches or gum.”

Example directly from the HR 2194


(d) Penalties.—Any person who violates a provision of subsection (a) shall be imprisoned not more than 3 years, fined not more than $10,000 (notwithstanding section 3571(e) of title 18, United States Code) for each day on which the violation continues, or both.
Pause. Sigh. Wait a minute. What?
Well, that is exactly what is stated in this bill and it is all surely a cause for concern. Jail time for DIY? That entire concept is outrageous and absolutely unacceptable.

As Vape advocates jump on the Duncan Hunter’s HR 2194 bill “Bandwagon,” please be advised to read the legislation in it’s entirety. It’s not too much fun when reading H.R. legislative bills and often these proposals made by political servants are vague and misleading – creating mass confusion and misinterpretation. Yet, a thorough examining of the details is necessary.

Clearly, politicians do this as a strategic move in order to allow laws to be made that will more than likely create an advantageous situation for financial interests.

Be patient because understanding everything the “replacement regulations” have to offer is just as important as what it could be taking away.
Read the Legislation

With Cole-Bishop HR 1136 supporters beginning to lean towards a “Repeal & Replace” legislation, it is vital to focus on what exactly is being replaced. All advocates surely agree with an overall repeal, but the actual detail lies in what will be the “replacement.”

Many Vapers and especially advocates would settle for anything the community can get to counteract the FDA regulations at this juncture. Any replacement would be better than what is currently installed by the FDA.

However, if we’re going to go for a complete overhaul of the current FDA overreach, we must guarantee it sets safety standards of course, but we cannot allow a replacement of 18650 battery devices. Not to mention, there are countless DIY professional and hobbyists who may not be too keen on the idea of a possible fine and jail time for continuing their business.

It is absolutely crucial to remember the Cole-Bishop legislation is not dead, it is still alive and well. So, the Cole-Bishop HR 1136, the standalone bill is still certainly a possibility for October’s Federal Budget via negotiation/vote.

Congressman Hunter’s Legislation is literally what many refer to as “sensible regulation,” covering most of the replacements that advocates have been calling for since the very moment any doubts about the effectiveness of Vaping. Yet, the picture perfect Legislation tends to feel slightly blurry after closer examination, there are a few critical stipulations that would not necessarily be categorized by advocates as being 110% “sensible.”

Things are never as they seem, especially in the American political arena. While the HR 2194 bill may paint a pretty picture, it may also be too much of wishful thinking. Is there far more vague language included in the bill that we do not see at first glance?
The Brightest Side of Repeal & Replace

Then again, while there are some stipulations in the Hunter Legislation that many Vapers would not agree with. One thing we could all appreciate is that it would rid our Industry of the nonsensical FDA deeming rule – allowing tens of thousands to remain employed and small businesses will no longer fear their livelihoods becoming ex. Thus saving the Industry from prohibition.

The Director and Founder of the Electronic Vaping Coalition of America (EVCA) Mark Block, has been traveling the U.S. promoting the “Repeal & Replace” legislative option. In fact, just this weekend in New York, Block spoke to Vapers at an event stating, “if you have problems with the Duncan Hunter bill, then tell us what they are.”

Well, that sounds like an honest approach, Mr. Block makes a great point. So if you are a vaper and especially an advocate, then do what you do best: make some calls and make some demands before it is too late. This legislation would be a perfect solution minus those particular features of concern. So pick up the phone…now.

No matter what the true reason is for the timing of this legislative move, for the sake of maintaining unity and avoiding drama, let’s just assume this bill was introduced directly following the exclusion of Cole-Bishop from the Federal Budget out of pure respect for all those involved with laying the groundwork surrounding HR 1136 that had already built a strong momentum towards progress.

Is it likely that this legislation could all merely be “hype” and nothing more? Or, is it becoming a representation of “hope” for U.S. Vapers and all the speculation should become nothing more?

In hindsight, Hunter’s plans and ideas that he and his constituents are propose, expose and impose are noble regardless of the intent? If no one will, we will continue to be heavily regulated still.

Let the games begin…

Welcome to New York, where Dreams Get Vaporized – Published by Vaping Post


As if the 40% tax hike in Pennsylvania or the 69% proposal in Ohio weren’t bad enough, New York joins the elite club of state governments overseeing their state’s vapor industries by attempting to tax the products so unreasonably, that the effects will devastate the hundreds of small businesses and thousands of jobs.
In addition to the unreasonable governance we are seeing the OHVTA fight in Ohio (a tax hike of 69% on vapor products), we are seeing similar measures being taken in many local municipalities. Small cities like Carson, Nevada and Olympia, Washington are also pursuing an unreasonable tax hike on vape products. One of the most outrageously harsh proposals next to Ohio, has got to be in the state of New York.
After they conducted a “Phone Blast” reminder to all vape shops, in that same week,
The New York State Vapor Association sent out a letter to all vape shops informing them that the NY State Assembly was going to be pushing their budget bill that imposes another outlandish tax that will double the cost of a bottle of eliquids.
Additionally included in this proposed legislation is to raise the age to 21 to purchase vapor products. However what is most disturbing and outright ridiculous, fines for consumers having more than 100ml of e-liquid in their possession. That is possibly one of the most illogical and pathetic attempts at regulating vaping ever heard by humankind. This means if you’re carrying two bottles of your favorite eliquid in 60ml, you’re busted!
Expanding on New York’s Legislative Nightmare
This legislation is known as Part FF in A.3009, a 40 cent per ml tax for , one of the most disappointing regulatory platforms we’ve seen by state governments, with respect to Pennsylvania and Ohio. Unfortunately for PA, their 40% increase has already been in effect since October 2016. Ohio continues to battle off and now New York takes the main stage along with them.
The state of New York is facing the mind boggling, possible reality of experiencing effects of losing 600 small businesses and 2200 jobs. On The New York State Vapor Association website, it provides some much needed advice for all vapers and advocates who are willing to help force this harsh tax punishment back where it came from. The site also clearly states: “REMEMBER PENNSYLVANIA – A similar tax put ⅓ of vape shops out of business (over 100 so far!)”
Visit nysva.org in order to get useful information, such as the direct phone lines to all the members of the Ways and Means Committee as well as scripted explanations of why this tax proposal would be destructive to the NY economy.
Remember to visit vapingpost.com for the most accurate, up-to-date vape news, as we will continue to keep you closely informed on the situations unfolding in not only New York, but Ohio as well. Both these states face industry crushing devastation with hundreds of businesses eliminated along with thousands of careers melted away like they were mere snowflakes in the passing winter season of yesteryear. In the United States of America, among contemporary society, this absolutely unacceptable and vapers must organize, mobilize and capitalize – for every struggle breeds an opportunity.