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Vapor advocates began to read the Legislation introduced to the House of Representatives by Rep. Duncan Hunter and were very pleased, but further research into the details of HR 2194 causes some concerns to arise. It was only a matter of time before we saw some type of speculations brought up by Vaping advocates. Those concerns are certainly understandable, but also could be easily corrected by Hunter to please the Vape Community.

Primary Concerns

In the initial text of this HR 2194 bill which was very recently introduced to the House just days ago. With overwhelming support coming from AEMSA along with the Electronic Vaping Coalition of America (EVCA). Regardless, it’s still essential to hear everyone’s interpretation – whether they represent an organization or just themselves as an individual.

Furthermore, Vape Advocates have voiced a number of concerns about this new “Replacement” initiative set in motion by more parties than simply Representative Duncan Hunter. It’s been a team effort indeed that has built this legislation.
After questions are asked, many advocates shared their concerns from individual conversations over the past few days. “Repeal” and “Replace” are 2 words U.S. Vapers have been hoping to hear, so this process of doubting such Legislation is not enjoyable, but asking questions is always necessary.
Why would this repeal & replace proposal be cause for concern? Let’s just say these advocates, from all walks of life, have always been thorough when analyzing the fine print and always had the industry’s best interest in mind as well.

Before speculation takes over your mindset, we must first reflect on what individual advocates have to say about what they found in their research. What is uncovered is crucial to reflect on even further, here is what one advocate, who chooses to maintain anonymity had to say about Duncan Hunter’s Legislation.

One highly-involved advocate said, “Duncan’s bill is going to ban all devices that use 18650s, ban all mech mods, impose fines and jail time for ANYONE that DIY’s juice or mods, and defines Vaping as less safe than patches or gum.”

Example directly from the HR 2194


(d) Penalties.—Any person who violates a provision of subsection (a) shall be imprisoned not more than 3 years, fined not more than $10,000 (notwithstanding section 3571(e) of title 18, United States Code) for each day on which the violation continues, or both.
Pause. Sigh. Wait a minute. What?
Well, that is exactly what is stated in this bill and it is all surely a cause for concern. Jail time for DIY? That entire concept is outrageous and absolutely unacceptable.

As Vape advocates jump on the Duncan Hunter’s HR 2194 bill “Bandwagon,” please be advised to read the legislation in it’s entirety. It’s not too much fun when reading H.R. legislative bills and often these proposals made by political servants are vague and misleading – creating mass confusion and misinterpretation. Yet, a thorough examining of the details is necessary.

Clearly, politicians do this as a strategic move in order to allow laws to be made that will more than likely create an advantageous situation for financial interests.

Be patient because understanding everything the “replacement regulations” have to offer is just as important as what it could be taking away.
Read the Legislation

With Cole-Bishop HR 1136 supporters beginning to lean towards a “Repeal & Replace” legislation, it is vital to focus on what exactly is being replaced. All advocates surely agree with an overall repeal, but the actual detail lies in what will be the “replacement.”

Many Vapers and especially advocates would settle for anything the community can get to counteract the FDA regulations at this juncture. Any replacement would be better than what is currently installed by the FDA.

However, if we’re going to go for a complete overhaul of the current FDA overreach, we must guarantee it sets safety standards of course, but we cannot allow a replacement of 18650 battery devices. Not to mention, there are countless DIY professional and hobbyists who may not be too keen on the idea of a possible fine and jail time for continuing their business.

It is absolutely crucial to remember the Cole-Bishop legislation is not dead, it is still alive and well. So, the Cole-Bishop HR 1136, the standalone bill is still certainly a possibility for October’s Federal Budget via negotiation/vote.

Congressman Hunter’s Legislation is literally what many refer to as “sensible regulation,” covering most of the replacements that advocates have been calling for since the very moment any doubts about the effectiveness of Vaping. Yet, the picture perfect Legislation tends to feel slightly blurry after closer examination, there are a few critical stipulations that would not necessarily be categorized by advocates as being 110% “sensible.”

Things are never as they seem, especially in the American political arena. While the HR 2194 bill may paint a pretty picture, it may also be too much of wishful thinking. Is there far more vague language included in the bill that we do not see at first glance?
The Brightest Side of Repeal & Replace

Then again, while there are some stipulations in the Hunter Legislation that many Vapers would not agree with. One thing we could all appreciate is that it would rid our Industry of the nonsensical FDA deeming rule – allowing tens of thousands to remain employed and small businesses will no longer fear their livelihoods becoming ex. Thus saving the Industry from prohibition.

The Director and Founder of the Electronic Vaping Coalition of America (EVCA) Mark Block, has been traveling the U.S. promoting the “Repeal & Replace” legislative option. In fact, just this weekend in New York, Block spoke to Vapers at an event stating, “if you have problems with the Duncan Hunter bill, then tell us what they are.”

Well, that sounds like an honest approach, Mr. Block makes a great point. So if you are a vaper and especially an advocate, then do what you do best: make some calls and make some demands before it is too late. This legislation would be a perfect solution minus those particular features of concern. So pick up the phone…now.

No matter what the true reason is for the timing of this legislative move, for the sake of maintaining unity and avoiding drama, let’s just assume this bill was introduced directly following the exclusion of Cole-Bishop from the Federal Budget out of pure respect for all those involved with laying the groundwork surrounding HR 1136 that had already built a strong momentum towards progress.

Is it likely that this legislation could all merely be “hype” and nothing more? Or, is it becoming a representation of “hope” for U.S. Vapers and all the speculation should become nothing more?

In hindsight, Hunter’s plans and ideas that he and his constituents are propose, expose and impose are noble regardless of the intent? If no one will, we will continue to be heavily regulated still.

Let the games begin…


Welcome to New York, where Dreams Get Vaporized – Published by Vaping Post

As if the 40% tax hike in Pennsylvania or the 69% proposal in Ohio weren’t bad enough, New York joins the elite club of state governments overseeing their state’s vapor industries by attempting to tax the products so unreasonably, that the effects will devastate the hundreds of small businesses and thousands of jobs.
In addition to the unreasonable governance we are seeing the OHVTA fight in Ohio (a tax hike of 69% on vapor products), we are seeing similar measures being taken in many local municipalities. Small cities like Carson, Nevada and Olympia, Washington are also pursuing an unreasonable tax hike on vape products. One of the most outrageously harsh proposals next to Ohio, has got to be in the state of New York.
After they conducted a “Phone Blast” reminder to all vape shops, in that same week,
The New York State Vapor Association sent out a letter to all vape shops informing them that the NY State Assembly was going to be pushing their budget bill that imposes another outlandish tax that will double the cost of a bottle of eliquids.
Additionally included in this proposed legislation is to raise the age to 21 to purchase vapor products. However what is most disturbing and outright ridiculous, fines for consumers having more than 100ml of e-liquid in their possession. That is possibly one of the most illogical and pathetic attempts at regulating vaping ever heard by humankind. This means if you’re carrying two bottles of your favorite eliquid in 60ml, you’re busted!
Expanding on New York’s Legislative Nightmare
This legislation is known as Part FF in A.3009, a 40 cent per ml tax for , one of the most disappointing regulatory platforms we’ve seen by state governments, with respect to Pennsylvania and Ohio. Unfortunately for PA, their 40% increase has already been in effect since October 2016. Ohio continues to battle off and now New York takes the main stage along with them.
The state of New York is facing the mind boggling, possible reality of experiencing effects of losing 600 small businesses and 2200 jobs. On The New York State Vapor Association website, it provides some much needed advice for all vapers and advocates who are willing to help force this harsh tax punishment back where it came from. The site also clearly states: “REMEMBER PENNSYLVANIA – A similar tax put ⅓ of vape shops out of business (over 100 so far!)”
Visit in order to get useful information, such as the direct phone lines to all the members of the Ways and Means Committee as well as scripted explanations of why this tax proposal would be destructive to the NY economy.
Remember to visit for the most accurate, up-to-date vape news, as we will continue to keep you closely informed on the situations unfolding in not only New York, but Ohio as well. Both these states face industry crushing devastation with hundreds of businesses eliminated along with thousands of careers melted away like they were mere snowflakes in the passing winter season of yesteryear. In the United States of America, among contemporary society, this absolutely unacceptable and vapers must organize, mobilize and capitalize – for every struggle breeds an opportunity.

Ohio Governor budget proposal to include 69% tax hike on Vapor Products



All Vapers must take action to prevent tax hikes on Vaping products! Visit 

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Keep an eye out for updates on the upcoming documentary film & Sociological study applying ethnographic research methods. Tentative release date will be this summer…

“eCig” Explosions Lawsuits Could Be Quick Cash Schemes – Published by VapingPost


“eCig Explosion” Lawsuits Could be Quick Cash Schemes
With mass amounts of misinformation being spread around the world, claiming the risks of Vaping are the same as the dangers of smoking, it seems some people are willing to take advantage of an already injured industry – an economic scapegoat, the vapor industry. Specific Law Firms are putting out ads targeting people who have experienced what they refer to as “eCig explosions” when in reality, the unfortunate incidents deal more with battery malfunction. These Law Firms are proving these cases to be lucrative pursuits, which can be risky public knowledge given that so many are in need of financial relief.
By Tony Ottomanelli II – March 6, 2017
The American Dream – Reestablished by Vapor
Just around this time of year, only a couple years back, it could be said that the American Dream had been reestablished in the name of Vapor. Over the past 5 years, the U.S. saw vape shops popping-up all over the major cities. Not to mention, it seemed everyone knew at least one other person starting their own juice line whether you vaped or not.
Opening up vape shops with the intentions of educating others on their harm reducing benefits.

All in all, the working class freed themselves from being slaves to Corporate America & Big Tobacco by following what they experienced as a miracle. The lifestyle of vaping allowed them to quit years of smoking, nothing had ever worked so well before. This needed to be shared and the people needed to be made aware.
Thousands quit their dead-end jobs where they worked just to keep food on the table and followed their hearts and instinctively found their calling. Opening up vape shops with the intentions of educating others on their harm reducing benefits. Therefore, they put themselves back to work by embracing their entrepreneurial spirit and small becoming business owners.
Unforeseen Future
Now, at this moment in time, the independent U.S Vaping Industry is facing the toughest year since it’s existence. Why? Because the FDA has taken upon themselves to install a prohibition on vapor devices – states are imposing excise and wholesale taxes on all vapor related consumer products, as well as local municipalities.
It is clear that Vaping has become a target for extinction, despite the overwhelming evidence of its harm reduction capabilities. Sadly, this also means nearly 8K Vape shops will be forced to close Nationwide along with small business owners losing their livelihoods, so will approximately 40,000 jobs (assuming there are 5 people working at each shop, which in most cases there are more than 5). Hopefully, in a society where moral duty is sensationalized, extinction is not exactly what will occur, but the future of vaping appears cloudy and tragically unforeseen.
Vapor Devices Are Not Exploding, Batteries Are Degassing
The Vaping Post covered this topic in great detail in a brilliant article. Battery safety is by far a huge concern for the community. The industry is taking these scenarios and possible malfunctions as a very serious measure and treat it as an unfortunate drawback. The most important safety precaution in reference to vaping devices and companies, big and small have been on a mission to better educate consumers on how to take care of their equipment and accessories, namely lithium-ion batteries. Nearly every shop promotes battery safety.
For any vape-related business owner, the most important safety precaution on their minds and now a vital portion of their agendas is to continuously educate consumers regularly on this issue. The vape community, especially those vapers with 2+ years experience, fully understands this is a delicate topic and if any individual were to experience such a dangerous situation, a large majority of vapers are genuinely sympathetic and disappointed.
It is never a good idea to have other loose metallic objects next to your unprotected lithium ion batteries while in an enclosed space.

However, the recent influx of sudden unexpected batteries malfunctioning,, is causing more skepticism about vaping among wider society. Most do not realize these accidents occur due in large part from user error. Often times, these things happen even if you’re not deliberately attempting to use the device as it rests near your keys or loose change in your pocket or perhaps your purse, fanny-pack or tote bag, depending on your preference for fashionable accessories. It is never a good idea to have other loose metallic objects next to your unprotected lithium ion batteries while in an enclosed space.
Nevertheless, the incidents are overly-reported and slightly exaggerated by the media and quickly nullified by the public far more than is necessary on television, as these circumstances are very rare and hardly occur. As a matter of fact, statistics prove that the Droid cell phones were overheating and catching fire at a rate much faster, than vapor devices ever have. Meaning more devices were compromised in the short span of time they were available to consumers before they were recalled. Yet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not the only culprit of having lithium ion batteries prematurely degassing.
Reference of Proof – it’s the Batteries, Not the Device
These scenarios are highlighted in the brilliant article covered by the Vaping Post this past November. The article clarifies that these incidents are not only occurring with vapor devices, but pretty much any type of device using lithium ion batteries for power seems to have identical malfunctions.
The article states, “Smartphones, tablets, laptops… you probably also remember the cases of some Hoverboards, the electric skates consumed by flames. More spectacular even is the case of the famous electric vehicle Tesla that caught fire in Biarritz, during a promotional summer tour in France, last August 2016. The same story that happened a few months earlier in Norway.
The last in date is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, last September. Just after its release and just before its main concurrent, iPhone 7, reaches the market, the press reported cases of spontaneous combustion and even explosion with blast. Each time the accident leads to the complete destruction of the device and, unfortunately, to some parts of its environment, including injuries to its owner or to bystanders.”
eCig Explosion Lawsuits
At the same time, if these incidents involving exploding lithium-ion batteries somehow do occur and someone then becomes a victim, figuratively speaking – they are either advised or already planning to seek legal counsel. Speaking more literally, it is a higher probability that the device, itself is, in actuality the real victim, as all of these unfortunate scenarios have involved some form of user-error and battery malfunction. Nonetheless, some attorneys have certainly been known to target scapegoats for quick cash. It is safe to say that those within the vapor industry are undeniably vulnerable.
Some law offices are now making this unfortunate scapegoat of rare danger their primary focus for their law practice.

Naturally, human beings are emotional and thrive off dramatics, often enjoying attention. Not to mention, given the way in which our economy is structured, human beings often enjoy making lots of money especially when nothing was officially accomplished. Therefore, many of the people who have these battery malfunctions, immediately seek legal counsel in which they are, in most cases, a guaranteed victory of receiving compensation.
For instance, some law offices are now making this unfortunate scapegoat of rare danger their primary focus for their law practice. Some attorneys are going so far as making ads based on information they’ve compiled from one website and marketing their services about helping those who have experienced “eCig explosions.”
One example would be Attorney Marc Freund, who is quoted as saying, “What’s unconscionable is that a device marketed around the world as safer than smoking actually poses immediate health risks.” This is an undoubtedly inaccurate and biased statement – purely an attempt to disguise vapor devices as dangerous rather than harm reduction tools.
A woman in California was awarded $1.9 million in one of these cases.

Very unfortunate for many reasons, but the fact that “exploding eCigs” are typically the only vape-related topics ever covered on the mainstream news and the amount of people who are desperate for financial freedom, the likelihood that some of these incidents may involve foul play – Is it a possibility that people may be exaggerating their experiences when claiming exploding devices? There is at least a sliver of exaggeration with the claim in general, as we’ve learned, the devices are being damaged due to battery malfunctions – so, there is no “eCig explosions.”
Though, this is not an attempt to discredit any injured individuals as most claims seem legitimate and truthful. Although, do keep in mind that a woman in California was awarded $1.9 million in one of these cases and we all know that plenty of American citizens abuse their right to use the court system and who would take advantage by doing something like this for that amount of money. Yet, please understand this is not an accusation aimed at that particular case.
“The woman subsequently filed suit against the e-cig’s manufacturer, a Corona-based company called VapCigs, as well as the product’s distributor, Cartons 2 Go, and the local retailer where she had purchased the device. Her lawsuit was filed in July 2013 in the Riverside County Superior Court. On September 30, 2015, a jury for the state court found all three businesses liable for the woman’s injuries, awarding her $1.9 million.”
Not just Americans either, it is very likely plenty of people around the world would partake in such an activity to personally receive a million dollars when in reality they are actively destroying the reputation of an already marginalized industry.
This is a prime example of another money-making scheme by attorneys based on the downfalls of a singled-out, scape-goated precaution of the vapor industry. Thus, businesses are allowed to operate as long as they take money away from the Vape industry.
By no means is this a suggestion stating that all vapor device malfunction incidents that lead to judicial review or legal disputes are fraudulent. Not to mention, there is extreme sympathy felt for anyone who may have experienced this issue. However, this article is more of a precautionary warning for manufacturers to keep an eye out and ear open for the smallest sign of any foul play or suspicious activity.
Things are never what they seem
Gambling by opening a small business with the intentions of helping others quit a deadly habit is indeed commendable. That was the American Dream after all – make a living doing what you love and believe in and help as many people in the process. At least that’s what we were raised to believe life could be in America, but unfortunately we all must find out the hard way that “things are never what they seem.” A quote that should be used in these court room battles over “ecig explosions” due to the fact that though it may seem as if an ecig exploded, in actuality malfunctioning. Who knows the truth when there is so much suspicion and doubt?

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