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They Live! Old Film Relevant to Sociology, but what about in our Society Presently?


Even though this image is from the 1988 movie “They Live” starring Rowdy Roddy Piper & Keith David…a corny but classic masterpiece of a film – this is still relevant today. The main plot point deals with the main character “Rowdy” Roddy Piper finding a pair of sunglasses in which he can see all types of things others cannot see whenever he wears them. Regardless this is extremely significant to the C.Wright Mills theory of possessing a sociological imagination, where one is able to view their own society as an outsider looking in. Is this how our society truly appears? Does advertising essentially brainwash? Is our education program designed to prepare us for adult life? Our we truly free? Or is our freedom an illusion or better yet, delusion? Sociologist Emile Durkheim once said “Liberty itself is a form of regulation.” What do you think? I don’t know the answer, I’m just the one proposing these questions. That is what is most important: to never stop questioning! #soc_imagination #sociology #sociologist #sociological #society #mindset #sociologicalperspectives #vapemilitia #CASAA #Vaping #vaperrights #vapingadvocacy #education #filmmaking #filmmaker #writer #socialconsciousness

WTF is Sociology Anyhow?


iheartsocimageSociology is ubiquitous. Sociology is an academic discipline with a broad reach that can scientifically measure data and analyze results which are then typically shared with others.  All higher educational curriculums have SOC listed as a portion of the Social Sciences and or the Humanities; overall, it is field of study known to be largely recognized as existing within the realm of Liberal Arts & Sciences. Sociology can literally be applied to anything that exists within our socially constructed reality; basically, our civilized world as we perceive it.

Altogether, Sociology is a fond passion of mine. I might even suggest it is the catalyst behind my purpose on this planet. As a Sociologist, you have the profound distinction of dissecting anything which exsists, all through a Sociological Prism, giving substance, saving face, and building moral Perspective; Sociological Perspective: often times the only genuinely true way to view issues. SOC is merely the study of socialization, societal conflicts, and social interactions. More simplified, Sociology is the study of society and human behavior. Consisting of multiple theorized estimated assumptions, predictions, or explanations as well as including the raw quantitative data hoping to give credibility to social research studies which are aimed at providing statistical proof. All in all, as noted previously, Sociology is broad, so broad in fact that it is literally ubiquitous in the world we know. Sociology is more or less the only gateway for me to utilize intellectualism as a tool; The tool used for making sense of the world, the tool utilized for seeking truth and holding onto the truth as fact. In a socially isolated preeminent era, face-to-face social interaction is becoming a lost art within our society primarily dominated by the digital technology we all love to use.

However, sociology will explain to you that social interaction or verbal exchanges between individuals or groups is a process known to help lay foundation for the moral high ground and the overall well being in the health of the human race. We must recognize the fact that no matter how academic, intellectual or broad this discipline is, it is by far one of the most important fields of study no matter what era it is we decide to make for ourselves. We must continue to study sociology in a professional manner and spread the word of moral development and equality amongst humanity. Honestly I can see that I truly believe sociology is the only thing with the ability to allow all ethnicities,  religions, regions, skin colors, ages or wages, SOC will be crucial for the future obstacles we are currently creating. Sociology is the only academic discipline that wil assist us in understanding the benefits we’ll all experience if we cooperate with tolerance and humility by choosing to live together as one; one people of one planet. After all, in essence one people living on one planet is what we truly are no matter which way you slice it; that’s all we are in realistic practical terms…until we recognize that and act on it…we’re nothing but fools.

In closing, it’s not “WTF is Sociology?”; it’s more like “Sociology? WTF!” Case in point as to why we should all strive even more towards conducting social research, analyzing data, & ultimately understanding & sharing results. Sociology is the study of us. Why wouldn’t that be something with great significance to gain further knowledge of? But don’t get confused, SOC is exponentially more than just the study of humans. Sociology is a part of the Social Sciences, a far more intricately detailed and emotionally connected type of subject area which speaks for itself. Why most people do not know what exactly SOC is, truly perplexes me, yet it is our history, our legacy, & our salvation. So use it wisely. But just make sure to seriously use it, that is, if you genuinely care sbout being remembered in a positive light.