The Relentless Pursuit of Stopping the Rise of Vapor


Just as expected, as many said it was coming soon, the U.S. Federal Government turned-the-tables and flipped-the-script on society, suddenly people were forcing opposite claims into the newsrooms on television or chat rooms online of the general public in America.

To make things worse, much of the information being shared to the general public was being communicated by people with prominent positions has been completely irresponsible and only reveals the systemic deceit lingering throughout the political landscape.

Relentless Misinformation

Vaping was our savior in the U.S., but then came the buzzkillers – groups like the Campaign for Tobacco FREE Kids and Tobacco 21, who were (and still are) implying some of the most overly-elaborate affirmations about these harm reduction tools known as vaping devices which they refer to as a sneaky scheme by Big Tobacco. Nothing even close to the facts.

A Well-Respected Credible Supporter of Vapor

The Vape community has been lucky to have several credible supporters. Dr. Michael Siegel, has been a strong and logical voice from academia. Experienced and highly intelligent, this Academic from Boston University has been one of the prominent, outspoken individuals using rational analysis to defend the vaping lifestyle by confronting these preposterous claims made by the anti-vaping affiliates groups who demonize the harm reducing vaping movement.

Broken Record of Truth: “Vapor Products aren’t Tobacco”

These products in fact have nothing to do with this anti-vape establishment platform. Vapor products are not tobacco. Sure, the FDA may recognize and officially label all vapor products as Tobacco, including coils, atomizers, mods, lithium-ion batteries, etc. Therefore, from this clouded judgment and poor understanding of reality. One might assume from categorizing all these items as tobacco products that perhaps those who officially decided to make such an outrageous declaration just may have let their imaginations run a bit too far on the wild side or more accurately, the wrong side.

Consider What is Real & What is False

Regardless, there may very well be some vapers who do in fact feel that vapor products are tobacco given the fact that nicotine is derived from tobacco. Then again you must also consider how nicotine can also be derived from synthetics through a laboratory or from potatoes, cauliflower, tomatoes or eggplants where it is proven to be naturally occurring. These are all facts that most advocates are well-aware of.

We all know this to be true, but those fanatical anti-vapor, anti-freedom, ultimately anti-American groups somehow influenced the USFDA to essentially categorize vape devices as tobacco, granting them the authority to regulate with severe overreach. This was accomplished following the ruling in the Tobacco Control Act.

Vape products do not deserve to be considered as “dangerous” -To be categorized as a product declared far-too-risky for public consumption, and now far-too-risky for public exposure to the vapor that is most likely to be safer than the air we breathe. Vapor products do not deserve to be continually referred to as unregulated wild cards that we don’t know enough information about. These are simply just talking points made for communication purposes via the Talking Heads of the Democratic Party – the partners and spokespersons for the anti-tobacco lobby.

Modern American Society Feels Uneasy

Not to mention, it says a lot about modern American society when we begin referring to consumer products as being associated with things that they are not. This is perhaps the scariest part – labeling products of harm reduction as items causing more harm production – thus changing the very texture of reality. If we continue down such a path, pretty soon our dictionaries will be entirely biased and inaccurate. Before we know it, we might wake up one day and come to find that the word “Yes” now means “No” and vice versa.

This is, of course, an outlandish exaggeration, but at this point, nothing would surprise me. After all, this entire war on vapor has reached global heights and all the misinformation used by governments who rely on tobacco tax revenues have been claiming some very outlandishly exaggerated claims. So, either fight back against such blatant lies and deceit or sit back and watch just how “unentertaining” and pathetic this situation may truly get.


Reasons & Purpose for Advocating



Written By Tony Ottomanelli II

Controversial Question

Here is a controversial question to begin with: Is nicotine still necessary to include in eliquids? I’m honestly asking the community of vapers who have taken the time to read this article as well as the time it takes to think this question through.

All in all, I’d say yes, nicotine is crucial for the harm reduction of smoking. However, with the introduction of botanical substances with nicotine-like effects, like Alterna – I start to think that perhaps including nicotine is not necessary. After all, Alterna will not be regulated under the FDA regulations due to it’s non-nicotine properties.

Therefore, I don’t know what to think now. When they send me a bottle to sample, I’ll inform those who may be interested in my overall thoughts and also include more detail about this product in a separate article.

Define Your Own Efforts

As an advocate for vapor-based products designed specifically as smoking alternatives that have paved the way to usher in tobacco harm reduction as an intelligent decision, do you feel the advocacy community has become divided? More united? Or, have has advocacy been spread out into many different sub categories?

This is a touchy subject for some vape advocates, business owners and the average vaper as well as the most advanced hobbyists and it is certainly understandable – but, it must be addressed: Why do you advocate for vaping? If you had to summarize your advocacy efforts, what would they be?

The Efforts of the Many Advocates

Overall, there are so many advocates for Vaping that perhaps there has been an oversaturated advocacy sector established without all advocates even being aware of it – I’m sure many have become well aware, but I’m almost certain some have not noticed.

There are so many advocates who are associated with a vape-related business whether they work for or own a vape-related business, there is such a large portion of the advocacy community who identify as such. Then again, there are some in the industry who do not advocate, which I’m not so sure I even understand the reasons for that.

Not to mention, there are also a number of consultants who have been forced into this industrial conundrum or who have forced their way in – who are all strong proponents of the vape industry, but all of these organizations have established proven strategies and preferable agendas which may slightly differ from one another.

They may all very well be advocating in the name of vaping, yet perhaps not all individual regular vape advocates are entirely aware of this massively conflicting situation. The situation is that there are a number of reasons as to why so many are looking to help the vaping cause, but what are those reasons exactly?

Denial of the Obvious

It was my personal assumption that most who identify as advocates for vaping, advocate for either harm reduction, regulations and/or business reasons. Time and time again, we’ll see so many avid vapers who are advocating for repealing the regulations, while there are also others who do it in support of small business, or many advocates will express the importance of tobacco harm reduction – in hindsight, my personal assumptions as that most advocate for all those reasons. Yet there may also be reasons for advocating that you never truly considered.

All in all, it’s easy to believe that we know everything when it comes to advocacy, yet we do not. Some may be thinking “speak for yourself” but it’s entirely impossible to know absolutely everything about anything. Even the most highly regarded expert could never be “all-knowing.”


Either way, I didn’t realize this as much until I was caught off guard during a debate via social media. Perhaps I was overlooking a vital exception and possible resolution for avoiding the FDA regulations. The vast scope of why each proponent of the lifestyle might be advocating for vaping with entirely different reasons than myself. I was under the naive assumption that advocates were all one massive front, yet in the back of my mind, I knew this was not the case.

When another advocate told me I was supporting nicotine usage by supporting current vape shops, I almost felt my head about to explode. As my mind was overloaded with questions and confusion. How is that a bad thing? Small businesses are essential to our way of life.

Not to mention, my confusion was so intensely heightened because I thought the whole point of this lifestyle was to allow others a chance to quit smoking, hence harm reduction – and having nicotine included in the liquids is most likely instrumental to the overall process of quitting smoking. Yes? No? Maybe so?

Regardless, it was at that time I realized just how much our Advocating efforts may be undefined And so perhaps vape advocacy is slightly undefinable – unless we are using a one page, sectioned outline for a platform of producing a descriptive and multi-faceted definition.

Advocacy Status

There are also a number of different Advocate types based on one’s personal reasons for deciding to advocate for vaping. So, to return to my initial question, what are you advocating for? Tobacco harm reduction? Nicotine? Small businesses? Deregulation? Eliquid alternatives? All of the above? None of the above? Or, perhaps you may be one of the infiltrators – those who have no interest in this vapor phenomenon, yet sought out on a path to infiltrate the ranks of advocacy in hopes of financial gain since you had determined that “vape advocacy was widely-respected trend in the market? Who knows? At this juncture, many more questions than actual answers remain and it will be difficult to make this fact change.

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