“Top 10 ways to Know if You Are a Dedicated Vape Advocate”Written by Tony Ottomanelli II


Recently, from communicating via social media as well as routinely & efficiently researching the great-vape-debate, it becomes increasingly more clear that there is more than just one level of being an advocate for vapor. In a genuine attempt to liven up the dialogue included in this great debate it is necessary to branch out from solely dissecting regulations & evaluating politics even if only for a brief moment of time. So, please enjoy reading these top 10 ways to tell which type of advocate you may be. My hope is that some of you find at least a couple of these slightly amusing enough to perhaps giggle or crack a smile. Actually, vapers chuckle, we don’t giggle.

You Know you’re a Vape Advocate if…

1) The FDA’s decision making process causes you to question reality

2) You’ve seen either A Billion Lives, Beyond the Cloud or Vape Wave documentary films

3) You’ve said or written the words “Cole-Bishop” more times than the average person

4)You are far more engaged in political activity and remain informed and interested

5) You visit local shops to entice discussions on advocacy & advocating efforts

6) You’re trying to always discover new angles to save the Vaping industry & in reality all you ever hear about is new legislation being introduced by state governments.

7) You tend to inform strangers about the benefits of harm reduction, especially smokers. The result: you win some, you lose some.

8) You feel like more non-vapers amongst the general public should care & realize that they too have a stake in the attempted prohibition of the Vaping lifestyle.

9) You find the work that anti-vapor affiliates participate in tend to truly disappoint you & this causes you to question their intentions as human beings. Are they human?

10) You can tell people who and what every 3-5 letter abbreviation for the most well known “Trade &/or Advocacy” organization stands for. For example CASAA, VTA, SFATA, NBS, AVA, EVCA, AEMSA, NNA, (SEVIA-USA, R2BSF, etc.).

BONUS: You have donated money to multiple vape-related causes & you have literally been the sole influence on assisting a former smoker with the transition of switching to vapor products permanently. After all, this is what the movement is all about, right? Or, is it about something else? In short, is vape advocacy about more?

All in all, I’ve learned vape Advocacy may be about a number of things. I was under the assumption it was our duty to advocate for vaping so others will be given the opportunity to quit smoking in the future. Not to mention, I also viewed the advocacy community as a movement fighting for our right to freedom…and our right to vape. However, in my next article following this one, I will discuss how there are many different types and statuses involved with advocating for vapor.
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