“WhoAreTheVapers?” will be the title of a short ethnographic documentary film using sociological research methods to produce qualitative data from observations of the Vaping Community, focusing specifically on the Vaper as an individual.  Thus, a professional academic research project conducted through the principles of the discipline of Sociology via ethnographic filmmaking, implementing in-depth interviewing with open-ended questions as a data-gathering approach.

Obviously, in a qualitative social research project, the data is captured on film and  it’s primary content is driven by genuine naturally free-flowing conversations which can then be analyzed from a sociological perspective.  Essentially, the data in this project will not be quantitative, an interpretation of a series of numbers would not be an efficient tool to utilize when the strategy for inquiry is ethnographic.

It is my primary objective to reveal how vapers are merely everyday, ordinary American citizens. No matter what the age, ethnicity or gender of the individual who vapes, their story on why they quit smoking and how they became a vaper will be the fundamental motivators throughout this documentary.  Their answers to certain questions will not only just serve as testimonial, however, the information provided by each interview subject will guide the collective theme and underlying message conveyed by this film. Combining a creative, artistic tool such as filmmaking with the observational, analytical tool of ethnography is an effective approach to social research, creating much less apathy in hindsight.

A combo of entertainment and academics is quite the intriguing concept, so I believe this film has the potential to generate deep emotional stimulation among it’s viewers. Overall, my theory is that once non-vapers  are given an opportunity to clearly see vapers as they truly are, nearly the same as everyone else, proud Americans. Therefore, with the ability to garner more empathy from viewers, this could very well increase he likelihood of more social acceptance for vaping. From this, I feel it is only natural for this film to eventually reach a wide audience, stimulating a number of emotional responses. It is my hope and belief that the majority of responses will be on a positive note for the vaping community as a whole.

Search social media for @WhoAreTheVapersFilm to discover and learn more information about this project. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. Additionally, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel and/or connect with us on LinkedIn. We would love to hear anyone’s personal experience, thoughts, insights or feedback.

Please contact us if you are interested in making a contribution to the film in any way that you’re able to. We greatly appreciate any and all support received.

Thank you  so much and keep an eye out for this documentary so that one day you can accurately answer our research question, “Who Are The Vapers?


QUESTIONS? email us: WhoAreTheVapersFilm@gmail.com



Vape_October_2015 - Filmmaking Page 1Vape_October_2015 - Filmmaking page 2The Answer to WhoAreTheVapers imageDoing SOC image


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