Ohio Governor budget proposal to include 69% tax hike on Vapor Products


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All Vapers must take action to prevent tax hikes on Vaping products! Visit ohvta.org 

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Keep an eye out for updates on the upcoming documentary film & Sociological study applying ethnographic research methods. Tentative release date will be this summer…


ARTICLE 2: Sociology of Vaping -Vapouround  Magazine 


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The most recent Issue released from Vapouround Magazine features an article I wrote titled “Sociology of Vaping” – it may be boring to some skeptics, but at the same time, it is undeniably academic in origin. Check out Vapouround online, their website is www.vapouround.co.uk

 See the full article listed below – feel free to comment, negative or positive, it’s all beneficial feedback. Please Read:


Vapouround Magazine is officially on the scene


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