WhiteHousePetitions: I love RealTime w/Bill Maher but not as much as Vaping


Below I have posted my response to the Bilmar petition to have President Obama appear on the show which received 100,000 signatures and I must say I am impressed and glad to see that this was the result. However the response from “We the People” was so sensationalized and a Nother example of other Americans kissing the asses of celebrities going so far as to even thanking him for the actual petition submission. I think they should leave the thank you’s to us, the actual people. The response they gave for the 100,000 signatures received on the deeming FDA regulations petition was fairly unenthusiastic as if they didn’t even care. I want to see Obama on Bill Maher’s badass show just as much as anyone else, however, I surely do not want to see VAPING regulated to the point of extinction, so let’s weigh the importance of the real issues here. 

See the message I sent them posted directly below:

Message to petitions.whitehouse.gov (We the People):

I love RealTime w/Bill Maher. One of the best forms of news on TV today. However, why don’t you respond to every petition which reaches 100,000 signatures on real issues with the same amount of courtesy, respect, & enthusiasm? Reading your RealTime response was enlightening & I was generally glad to hear your response, yet why don’t you respond with more enthused support to the Vaping community attempting to reserve their right to reducing harm from the deadliest killer in our country: Tobacco Cigarettes! Nearly half a million Americans die annually from tobacco-related illness. Embracing the improvement of Public Health, supporting Vaping, reducing the probability of tobacco-related deaths, influencing history for the betterment of humankind, consumer freedom, economic fairness, should all be bulletpoints to your outline for your next response to the political action taken by Vapers. You went so far as to say thank you to Bill and wish him a happy birthday now I think it’s time that you use the same amount of reverence and graciousness towards something that will save millions of lives. The response you provided the Vaping petition on the deeming FDA Regulations was dull, lacking any viable information, and a lacking in support. Please respect the rights and opinions with a less robotic response and understand this is truly an issue that will go down in history as either one of the   most biased outcomes not in favor of our health or it could be a shared American breakthrough towards life-saving technology. Which side of history do you want to be on? 


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