The Sociological Relevance of Ethnography within Filmmaking: 


What is Ethnography? What does it have to do with Vaping in general? Why is it important? Who are the Vapers? 

Any question is a good question so naturally there’s no such thing as a bad question. But some might wonder, are some questions not worth asking? Those who ask this are most likely fearful of truth, but it is not a bad question. That’s why people say ignorance is bliss because the truth hurts and facts can be scary. 

Regardless, the questions about Ethnography and Vaping are most definitely worth asking. This is because the answers are relevant to our current times. Year 2016 has arrived and there is much going on in the U.S. & around the world. So hold on tight, it may get bumpy, but it’s sure enough to be one hell of a ride!

Living in 2016 is exciting and full of promise, yet it is also quite a strange time period to exist in as well. Many may think, why is it strange? Well, if you were born before the 21st Century, more so, if you were born before the 90s, then you can probably attest to what I’m trying to communicate. I was Born in the early 1980s and when I was a child I initially did not play video games simply because they did not exist. Sure, there was Atari for a short while, until they came out with Nintendo. Of course I owned Super Nintendo which I played regularly for a couple of years during my youth, but this is as far as it went for me. It seemed pointless to me to be partaking in an activity that did not really accomplish anything to get me further towards my goals in any way. Plus, it seemed as if an upgraded video game system was being released every other year because Nintendo 64 came out soon after its predecessor, then came GameCube and I never indulged. So if I were to play video games today, I would be lost and awful. I would have to say most “Gamers” these days are unbelievable and talented. For me,however, I just never became too interested. I barely have enough time in a single day as of now.

Often times, you’ll hear people say “back then it was a simple time” and that is without a doubt a fact. There were no smartphones way back when. Its an amazing technological breakthrough, so amazing that I’m writing this very post on a smartphone as we speak or should I say, as I speak into my phone which then transcribes the words into written text for others to read. Something this convenient was unfathomable back in the day. Internet access at your fingertips, 24/7.

There was also no Internet–no information super highway for us to be such easy targets for faulty, misguided, & downright fictitious lies then we somehow believed to be factual. Basically what I’m trying to say is that there is so much information being shared, communicated, and sworn to be true that all information somehow becomes too overwhelming to even digest or analyze rationally. Ultimately we need to rethink the concept of logic and what is practical. 

The vast amount of information we are exposed to creates a phenomenon known in Sociology as narcotizing dysfunction, in which people are so overwhelmed that they cannot absorb all the information forced on them so they become numb and apathetic to the issues of our social reality. In turn, this causes many people in the United States today to be living with a “false consciousness;” which is a sociological term defined as an incorrect perception of society. 

Furthermore, there is no conspiracy, it is clear that there is a narcotizing  dysfunction which has spread a false consciousness throughout our citizenry.  Regardless, we still must answer the questions dealing with Ethnography, in which this term is defined as the examination of broad culture sharing behavior of individuals or groups. 

In regards to what Ethnography has to do withVaping, this is a qualitative research method stylized perfectly to the observational data that can be reached from analyzing the act of Vaping. The art of Vsoing is a socially shared exchange in many circumstances. It creates more socialization among people and groups all brought together, exchanging ideas and capturing the meaning of our cause. Human beings are social animals. The more social we are, the healthier we become as individuals and thus the longer we live, allowing smoother transitions throughout the aging process. Ethnography is the one main tool used in filmmaking for social research. We can thus observe and then report. Observe when one is to Film action and what unfolds within the Vaping community and then edit that footage to screen for viewers, reporting your data. Ethnographic Filmmaking is the very best research tool available for interpreting data from sociological  methodology.




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