The Sociological Perspective of a Restaurant Biz: Social, Logical, & Ubiquitous


We are proudly ranked #5 out of 135 restaurants in Golden, CO on TripAdvisor…which is amazing since we’ve only been there one year while the others in the Top 10 have been around for anywhere between 15-30 years. So this baby of ours is growing steadily, as it should…we work so hard and I thought my only passionate career moves would be in correlation to anything dealing with basketball, Sociology or basically anything else outside of the restaurant business realm.

Yet, I’ve found running a restaurant is exactly like all of my other passions in life, the more u put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. Duh! Plus, this industry has so much in common with Sociological Perspectives, Social Research, Theoretical Concepts & overall a completely specialized view on human behavior that I may just write an academia-effective & hopefully publishable journal article at some point.

So maybe I haven’t necessarily found a new passion yet I’ve actually just found my passion for Sociology in a certain place I never looked towards nor worked in prior to this current endeavor. SPOILER: Coming Soon (POSSIBLY, not yet tho), Academic Journal Article, titled “Social-Logical Viewpoints: the dichotomy of food and human behavior and their connection to creating logically sociable interactions among strangers” but maybe it should simply be called “Unknown Friendship: How the restaurant industry builds positive relationships, theorized Sociologically.” Regardless, while many of my friends may be scratching their heads, I still feel that many of you completely understand what I’m saying or trying to point out. Sociology is ubiquitous or omnipresent & I won’t ever stop making it a goal to spread the word no matter what it is u think you heard…


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