Small Business Owners Beware: Google Chrome Apps & Social Networking can become a horribly entertaining addiction


In hindsight, I never thought Social Networking sites would literally become an addiction, especially since I thought I despised most of them. Oh! And the fact that I’m not a teenager in middle school literally adds to how unusual this recent social media & APP uploading obsession has become. Altogether, I initially began this endeavor to boost the online presence of our family’s business and we’ve certainly had our presence become a widespread development online. However, many of the accounts I’ve made can be considered partially established, especially when I had never heard of most of these sites. Regardless, beware of Google Chrome App Store as you begin to think you need every APP it has to offer, in which it practically has absolutely anything and everything a single individual may think they need. Do you want to create your own online brochure? Do you like to watch TV & Movies? Are you a freelance artist looking to branch out or connect with fellow artists? Or, perhaps you’d like to get married and start a family? Well, there’s literally an APP for each scenario I listed, yet the marriage/family starter-kit APP was merely an over-the-top exaggeration. Either way, I for one am a huge fan of Google Chrome Store and what they have to offer, especially if you’re a small business owner looking for a place to start your online portfolio!


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